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Matt Borghi and Michael Teager’s Convocation Out Now

Convocation is the work of ambient composer Matt Borghi ( and saxophonist, Michael Teager ( Recorded as a series of improvisational structures in spring of 2012, this is the first recording that Borghi and Teager have done together after a half-decade of working together. With Convocation, Borghi brings in spacious guitar textures to create a […]

Ambient Soundbath Podcast

We’re happy to announce the launch of Slo.Bor Media co-founder, Matt Borghi’s new Ambient Soundbath Podcast. The podcast is updated every Wednesday morning with 30 minutes of original ambient music that’s been designed to  give listeners a space for thinking and being. Whether listening with headphones or in the open air, the Ambient Soundbath Podcast […]

slo.bor media 10 year anniversary

Jason Sloan and I founded Slo.Bor in 2001. This is the tenth anniversary of the label. I’ve come to take Slo.bor Media for granted. It’s always there, and it’s always been an outlet for my music, a place where compromised art isn’t welcome, a place where the artist can be themselves. We’ve never lost money […]